Stress Management - The Basics

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The key to having a sound mind and a peaceful life is to maintain a healthy stress level, one that can be achieved by making stress management work for you.

We have heard of cases wherein people would just faint without warning in their respective offices or even within the comforts of their own home; we've also encountered people who seem very irritable and are almost at their limit and just an inch away from lashing out. We don't want to be like these people and, instead, would prefer living healthy lives devoid of stress or at least with just enough to keep sane. So for those who wish to keep themselves within the healthy stress levels, here are some practical stress management tips that will surely allow you to put a leash on stress before it starts going loco.

Learn to embrace what you're doing. It may sound difficult but there's not too many options to choose from, is there? Perhaps one of the biggest stress inducers out there is denial or rejection. In office situations for example, a lot of employees find their job too taxing and that their responsibilities are just too great. To make matters worse, they see these responsibilities as liabilities rather than opportunities to help them improve. The moment you start thinking negatively of your duties you begin to foster stress. Instead of doing so, it would be a lot better to put on a positive attitude and start accepting things, they're only temporary anyway.

Keep a stress ball or a stress doll handy. A basic tool in stress management, the stress ball serves as probably the cheapest and most immediate stress outlet to date. These things come in different colors, textures, shapes, and sizes; some stress balls even have unique scents that add an aromatic healing touch for those who seek quick stress relief. Depending on how you intend to use the stress ball or the stress doll, you can try giving it/them a tight squeeze, hug, pinch, or even a mighty stomp as long as you think doing so would alleviate your stress. The good thing about stress toys is that they don't have feelings.

Find someone you can talk to. You may want to be particular in looking for the right person to be your listening ear since hearing out random rants is not for just about any person. Call your best friend and see if you can meet for tea or coffee. Your partner may also be able to offer you sanctuary. But perhaps the best person to talk about stress management is a counselor. Talking to people who understand you or at least understand where you are coming from is a great way to release all the ill-feelings you kept bottled up. You may have different ways of sharing things but no matter what you do, as long as you have someone listening to you, you're already doing a big step forward.

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Stress Management - The Basics

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This article was published on 2010/10/06