Stress Management - Possessing Good Qualities

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One of the good qualities that comes in especially handy during stressful moment is cheerfulness. A cheerful person always look on the bright side of things. He is not easily bogged down by trivial matters and can pick himself up swiftly during uneventful times. When a person maintains his cheerfulness, he can exert a subliminal effect on himself as well as on those people around him, substantially reducing any pain or worry that might be experienced. By revealing the positive attitude, cheerful people can bring hope to himself and to those around him.

Another essential quality to possess that is extremely helpful in stress management is patience. Patience is a very good and rare virtue to possess. The art of cultivating patience is a fulfilling process. The essence is practice. Though having patience takes time, in practicing this persistence, you learn to realize and be fulfilled with many accompanying rewards. We need patience in almost everything we do. It gears us up for any challenges that comes our way and prepares us to undertake the challenge without complaining, prevents us from being resentful, or giving up any endeavor prematurely. Patience also enables us to get along more harmoniously with people around us.

Being humble is one important quality to possess. A humble person learns a lot more as he is so down-to-earth since he does not put his nose up in the air. He is easy-going and everyone likes him. He gains mass respect from people who knows him and is able to get others to trust him. He is able to connect better to people and this is crucial in minimizing stressful situations. It is always right to be humble enough to seek solutions that can help in solving our tied-up problem, rather than sitting and staring at the roadblock, wasting precious time. Sometimes we can be hindered by our single-mindedness. If we widen our perspective and look from another point of view, we could widen our horizon to think from another good angle to solve our problem.

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Stress Management - Possessing Good Qualities

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This article was published on 2010/03/30