Reduce Your Workplace Madness

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1. Give yourself praise at least once a day. We often do no take enough time to give praises to ourselves when we have done things well. So when you have finished an interim aim, tell yourself loud that you have done a really good job. You will receive a psychic burst of confidence and energy that can go long way on making you keep a calm mind amid the madness at your workplace.

2. Be creative in motivating yourself. This one is good: Write a check to some organization you hate, put it in a stamped and tell a close friend to send it if you can not meet an important deadline or finish an important task. Or you also could go the positive route: Put something you really cherish into your friend's house and then ask your friend to give it back to you if you make your dream come true.

3. Give up the coffee during team meeting. A study found that if people drank coffee while working together in one group, it had a tendency to make the group less effective. The study also found that whether or not the drink including caffeine did, it could increase the people's feeling of stress and their heart rates.

4. Stand against the wall and try to slide down it as if you were sitting in a chair. Keep staying there for a few minutes without looking down; just feel your spine against the wall. Then breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on one peaceful thought like waves crashing on the shore. Let your feet pressed into ground as you keep this position and make the stress going out of your body and into the ground. When you stand up, shake out your legs and arms and return to your work.

5. Keep a holiday file on your work desk. Then fill the blanks with the places you would like to pay a visit. When you find you are feeling stressful, daydream your way on the file. It will remind you that you are on work, and offer you a few minutes of virtual holiday.

6. Read a poetry out loud twice during a day. The cadence and images can soothe your soul and sprite. If you are religious person, you can try to read some scared writings.

7. To remind you of your life outside the office, you can make a display in your workplace. You can put picture of your spouse and children on your desk or a memento that makes you think some special occasion. When you notice that you feel overwhelmed, spend several minutes simply watching the pictures. Recall every pictures was taken. Hold the memento and get back your mind to the place where you had fun. Now you can get ready to back to the workday world.

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Reduce Your Workplace Madness

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Reduce Your Workplace Madness

This article was published on 2010/12/27