Financial Stress - How to Survive Summer Without a Vacation - Take a Staycation

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When you have time to take off but your travel fund was swallowed up by unexpected expenses, don't add to your stress level by taking a vacation you cannot truly afford. The word staycation emerged has a new buzz word during these strange economic times. It's brief way of saying I'm-going-to-stay-home-instead-of-going-away-for-a-vacation.

Follow these three tips for a memorable staycation:

Tip #1 - Toss the Honey Do List

A staycation does NOT mean you take a week off and catch up on all the chores and tasks you haven't found time to do over the past six months. That is NO fun! During a staycation, you follow the same rules that you follow when you actually leave town. Allow yourself to really take a break from all of the routines of your life.

Tip #2 - Do the Tourist Thing

Do a bit of research to discover what sights you can visit in (or near) your own home town. We tend to overlook our own local tourist attractions. This is your opportunity to see your city from a different perspective. Pick up a guide book to your own city and plan some outings to museums, nature attractions, or theaters. Perhaps you'd like to learn something new; take a class that sounds interesting. If you enjoy pampering yourself during vacations, be sure to check out the spa specials at nearby resorts. If the prices there are still too prohibitive, consider a service from a nearby massage school or beauty school.

Tip #3 - Forward All Calls

On a beach vacation or a cruise, your location makes you somewhat inaccessible to the rest of the world. Here is the most important guideline for a successful staycation: Be just as unavailable during your staycation. Forward your home phone directly to voice mail or turn off the ringer. Check your messages only as often as you would during a vacation in an exotic locale. Put your mail on hold during your time off via the US Postal Service's website. Put an "away" message on your email...and...put away your computer! Unplug it, put it in a closet, do something to make it inconvenient to check just one quick thing.

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Financial Stress - How to Survive Summer Without a Vacation - Take a Staycation

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This article was published on 2010/04/01